The Enemy Within

A Mysterious Visitor


Somehow, Casper became asleep on watch. He awakens suddenly to see a cloaked figure rummaging through his bag. He leaps and stabs them, but the person spins around knocking his sword away with their cloak.

Much to his surprise, it’s the girl he took the ruby off of back in Averheim during the Menagerie.

They share some tense conversation, the woman clearly considering whether or not to fight with Casper, regarding how Casper got the coin back (he was given it by the man in the dream) and where the ruby is (we sold it). She sheathes her rapier, throws open the shutters, and leaps through the window. The shutters closing themselves behind her.

Casper wakes up Longshot, tells him what just happened, but Longshot is slow to believe seeing as the window is clearly still nailed shut as normal. (Casper discovering this the hard way.)

As the two start to remove the nails from the door, the rest of the group wake up, hear the same story, but are similarly slow to believe.

The fact that Casper’s sword is bloodied is the only real proof of the incident.

Longshot and Casper go out to the street, but do not find any evidence of the cloaked woman. They return inside and wait for dawn.



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