The Enemy Within

A Plague of Rats

10th of Nachgeheim

Yan and Also Yan (yes, seriously) successfully purchase lodgings for us, our room is on the third floor. We do some initial settling in (nailing the window shut) and then go downstairs to get dinner.

Irinia goes out to the outhouse, with ath, to cast some magic (successfully for a change). Her prophecy magic conjures an image of a cloaked figure in grey, paying a man on a dock, and the cloaked figure then grew a tail. The man she saw is a balding man, with a thick neck, a too-tight vest, and nothing else on his torso.

The rest of the party sits down for food, when (while Irinia is still outside) the balding man bumps into Casper, spills his drink, and waits expectantly. Casper says “excuse me” and the man starts to pick a fight. Edgar diffuses the situation using his clout as a Templar.

Then, Irinia comes in with Ath. She declares that the balding man is the man she saw with the beastman. (She told Ath about it on their way into the inn.) Ath promptly punches the troublemaker and a bar brawl erupts.

The dockworkers gang up on Ath, for assaulting a fellow dockworker, and get in some good licks. However, Longshot fells two of them with arrows shortly after, also injuring the troublemaker in the process. The innkeeper ends the fight by firing a pistol into the air and forcing out Ath and the troublemaker at gunpoint.

We interrogate the man outside and learn that he was just given their descriptions and instructed to start a fight. That’s all he knows. In panic & fear, he throws the money he received onto the ground. (Longshot promptly scooped it up Ath painfully & forcefully removes the arrow. The troublemaker promptly passes out. The party splits up to try and discover the reason for the fight.

Ath & Longshot go to the stables and find everything is in order.

Edgar stays a short while with the troublemaker, assuring that he is not in mortal peril.

Irinia & Casper go up to the room. As soon as Irinia enters she is grabbed by a skaven and pulled into the room. Casper chased in after and was similarly pulled into the room. There’s a brief standoff where one of the underlings threatens Irinia with a rusty blade while one, a magic user that also charges up a spell, and the magic user threatens to kill Irinia if he doesn’t cooperate. He asks where “it” is. Irinia fake feints. Casper stalls for time asking what “it” is and claiming that it’s downstairs at the bar. They start searching the room and the one watching over Irinia is momentarily distracted noticing the box strapped to her. Casper chooses this moment to take action, lunging at the skaven over Irinia.

Meanwhile, as Ath and Longshot rejoin Edgar out front, roughly 30 Skaven swarm over the walls quickly surrounding the inn and the adventurers in front of it.

A chaotic and fierce battle erupts with our heroes in the thick of it.

Up in the room, while his efforts didn’t free Irinia, Casper managed to get the Skaven to bring up his blade to contend with the rogue. The Skaven’s leader discovered the box and used his foul magic to bring the box to him and open it. In it he discovered the bell clapper he sought, but cleansed of the evil magicks he wanted it for. Enraged, he howled loudly and threw the clapper through the window and part of the wall.

Irinia, naturally, dove straight out the opening for the clapper. Having gotten to know his traveling companion, Edgar was able to catch both Irinia and the clapper.

It was a hard fought fight, seeing as they were outnumbered, the grunts were bolstered by the leader’s magicks, and the leader was a formidable foe in his own right. Three times the leader magically switched places with one of his underlings, allowing it to take the killing blow instead. He was also outfitted with a wicked warpstone blade, warplock pistols, and a backpack that could draw power from the winds of magic to fuel his own needs.

During the fight, Longshot broke the string on his bow firing rapidly, retreated to the stables, and loosed his bears into the fray. The bears felled many of the Skaven and one of them was burned severely by the Skaven leader.

Irinia and Ath both fell in the frantic melee, but the Skaven leader was finally killed; his pack exploding with sickly green smoke.




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