The Enemy Within

Aftermath and Reconciliation

1st of Nachgeheim

Longshot declares that, with or without anyone else, the carriage will be departing Middenheim come sunrise.

The party splits as they leave the temple. Ath, Irinia, and Edgar go to the temple of Verena to inquire regarding Aschenbeck’s trial. We learn that Ketzenblum gave word that she would be leaving the city and the Arc Lector of the temple has asked retired witch hunter Gregor Holstrom to take over. At least the priest we talked with knows of no reason given by Ketzenblum as to her unexpected departure.

Meanwhile Longshot and Casper returned to the coaching inn, searched it and its stables, but found nothing. They then went to the Aschenbeck manor to search for more information. They broke in through the back door, went upstairs, but someone inside became aware there were intruders and searched for them. Casper and Longshot escaped out a window. They were spotted while still on the grounds, but lose their pursuers through the poorer districts south of the manor. Once they’re confident they’ve lost their pursuers, they return to the coaching inn.

The other half of the group goes to the Graf’s Repose and Edgar speaks with Gregor. They discuss the “success” of the ritual and Ketzenblum’s hasty exit. While the investigation needs to be carried through, Gregor expects he’ll be dismissing the charges against Aschenbeck. To end their conversation, he offers Edgar a medallion of the templars. Stating he feels Edgar might just possess the blend of talents and traits a good witch hunter has. Edgar asks that he be allowed to sleep on it.

This half of the party returns to the coaching inn and Edgar stops by the temple of Sigmar to pray for guidance. The coaching inn delivers a letter to Edgar. It is from Luminary Mauer informing them that, regardless of the success of the ritual, we should bring the clapper to Altdorf where he currently is.

The party catches a few hours sleep before dawn.



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