The Enemy Within

Deals, Stagecraft, and the death of a luminary.

12th of Nachgeheim

Before any fighting begins, Grosz takes Casper aside and “makes him an offer he can’t refuse.” Apparently, the block cowl is very cross with all Averland nobles and will pay Casper very handsomely to kill Edgar.

Meanwhile, the clock tower chimes for noon and Ath starts to fight with the dock workers; while Casper and Grosz speak.

Casper tries to negotiate for plenty of time to carry out the contract, but Grosz insists that it needs to be done soon. They agree on 12 hours.

The party reunites and shares info about the encounter. We resolve to seek out the elf that was mentioned in the note we received. We check at the bar where we saw him, but learn nothing other than the fact that the Seven Stars serves elvish wine. We go there, pay the high price of admittance and service, and question the staff. They have not served an elf in recent history.

Ath was not allowed entry and decided to dine at a nearby, friendlier & cheaper, establishment. He asked the proprietor, who is out on the street, if he’s seen an elf. He has not.

While he was waiting, a young child comes up to him and delivers a message that they hope we’ve found our friend, we might be interested to know that Art Shaver is staying here, and that we’re being good snoops but to watch our backs. Ath tries to learn a little more about the person that gave the child the message but only learns that is was a man who had black hair.

Having finished their meal, the party resolves to go to the Temple of Drama seeing as they received the largest shipment of Pilsach Peculiar and Clothilde also requested that we do whatever we could to get the show running again.

We arrive and speak with the show’s manager and head prop master. Apparently, their group takes great pains in creating the most authentic of sets. Where others might paint on canvas or wood and artificially create their sets, this company insists on only natural materials. Whether it’s stone with real moss on it, living trees, or actual cobwebs from a real giant spider; like was brought in for their latest production: The Castle of Cobwebs.

While Edgar and most of the party questioned the manager for pertinent info, Casper and Longshot searched around a bit. We caught up to them in the prop room, where the spider was kept, and begin our search.

We search the bar area, as part of the waiting lounge (for before a production begins), and an adjoining store room. We find 24 barrels of the Pilsach Peculiar. (6 less than were supposedly delivered.) None have the red x on them that we saw at The Dancing Dwarf.

We go up to the actor’s quarters and, after speaking with a woman in her room, we enter Nikolai’s room. In the bottom of his wardrobe, we find his body wrapped in a grey cloak and spider web. However, we notice that the web has been woven together almost like rope and has been torn in some places. In turn, we conclude that there must have been foul play.

Understudy to Nikolai, Carlos, is nowhere to be found while we interrogate the present actors and search the remaining of the playhouse. We find a room full of clutter (documents, costumes, instruments, etc.) and a locked door at the back of it. What’s odd is that a broken padlock lies on the floor next to the door, but a whole padlocked is securely fastened to the door. Casper picks the lock, we open the door, and discover the spider half trapped in a sack in the room. We capture it readily, Longshot calms it, and we return it to the troupe. (Insisting that the spider be released back into its home when they’re done.)

Additionally in the junk room, we find three barrels with the telltale red Xs on the bottoms. We confiscate them and question the director of the troupe further, regarding the coming & goings of people, the barrels, etc. As far as they know, none of the barrels that were delivered have left the building. They let us know that the owner of the playhouse, Jakob Ayrer, lives nearby.

We resolve to retrieve our coach, bring it back, and use that to transport the barrels to proper authorities.

While we wait for the carriage to come back. Edgar gets Nina, one of the permanent staff, to guide him to the owner’s home. He meets with Jakob, under the guise of merely an interested noble and spider wrangler, and eventually reveals that he is a Templar and that his playhouse is involved in the missing powder somehow. We learn that they received 29 rather than 30 barrels; one was misdelivered to The Dancing Dwarf. One has been drank and one is open currently. Including the three that were found in the storage room, all 30 barrels are accounted for.

Edgar thanks Jakob for his time, asks that he do him the favor of arranging for a prime seat for Clothilde. Jakob agrees.

The coach arrives and we start making our way to The Temple of Sigmar. Along the way, we see that The Laurel’s Rest is on fire. We divert to investigate and find that Luminary Mauer’s flat is the one on fire. Irinia rushes in to help, and finds the Luminary slumped over on the floor next to the protective box that held the clapper; open and empty.

We drag his body from the blaze and discover that his throat has been slit and he is dead. Irinia is very upset by this to the point of denial.

Meanwhile, Edgar spots Adele Ketzenblum in the crowd of onlookers, she looks very angry, and Edgar and Longshot start to chase her. However, we immediately lose sight of her.

We bring on the Luminary’s body into the coach and make our way to The Temple of Sigmar but are barred entry seeing as they are keeping things on lockdown in preparation for the coordinated prayer for the injured emperor tomorrow. Edgar tries to convince them to let them in anyway, but we are barred entry.

We leave and resolve to go to The Temple of Morr to deliver Mauer there and also leave the barrels of gunpowder, that we found at the playhouse, at that temple for safekeeping.




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