The Enemy Within

Explosions and Death!

12th of Nachgeheim

We arrive at The Temple of Morr without issue and the acolytes there accept Mauer’s body along with the barrels of powder without objection.

We discuss matters a moment and decide to fake Edgar’s death in order to more easily find Grosz. We roll past the Temple of Drama to find a crowd gathering for the show. Among them is Clothilde. Casper jumps off the carriage and talks with Clothilde briefly, asking to know where she is staying. She informs Casper that, assuming they’ll be able to sort out the fire, she is staying at the Laurel’s rest. Casper returns to the carriage and the party continues on its way to the docks; so we can find a Fish gangmember and track down Grosz as a result.

We arrive at the docks and quickly find some Fish loading a ship. Casper approaches them and successfully convinces them he’s working for Grosz. Additionally, that the party is involved in “the elf thing” also. As chance would have it, Grosz is due to arrive soon and sail out to sea with the elf and such shortly.

We wait a while and Grosz comes up the street along with several burly thugs. Casper and Grosz speak briefly, and Casper walks over to the carriage to show Grosz Edgar’s body. Surprisingly, Grosz stabs Casper in the back right as they’re arriving at the coach.

A melee ensues but Grosz is quickly shot and then stabbed through his ears. The Fish gang is markedly shocked by this and retreat to the ship, taking up weapons and preparing for a larger fight. Before anything can really get going, the local militia come along and instruct everyone to drop their weapons. The Fish disarm themselves; then Edgar and Irinia convince the militia of their honorable intentions and enlist their help in detaining the Fish and searching the ship. In a secret compartment, we find a bound elf.

After performing some minor first aid, Eothlir awakens and tells his story. He was among the expedition that went to the Southlands. He reveals the true fate of Templeman, the original leader of the expedition. While they were on the ship back to Averheim, Templeman put on the jade mask and was transformed into a chaos spawn. They managed to kill it, and Eothlir wanted them to cast the mask into the ocean. However, Meinhart Lubrecht (a grunt that ascended to the rank of First Mate due to so many casualties) insisted that they keep the mask and lie about Templeman’s death; reporting it as an accident. When Eothlir wouldn’t go along with it, they tried to kill him. He managed to jump overboard and then swim to shore. Eothlir has traveled to Altdorf to report this treachery to Von Kaufman.

Shortly after we finish speaking, we hear a large explosion from the direction of the Temple of Drama. We ask the elf to come with us as we go to investigate. We find that it was indeed the Temple of Drama that exploded and only maybe a 1/3rd of the temple still stands. Edgar searches the rubble and is dismayed to find Clothilde died in the blast. Edgar unburies Clothilde and brings her into the coach (along with Grosz’s body from the docks). During this time, the elf struck out on his own. We catch up to him as we too leave to the Old Horse to speak with Von Kaufman.

We arrive and rouse Kaufman from his sleep. Eothlir relates the same story to him. While Kaufman is surprised to hear these things, he is ultimately dismissive of much of it. It boils down to business for him. He lost money on the expedition and he wants to put that behind him. He is making new arrangements here and wants to focus on that. Along these lines, he needs to awake in just a few hours in order to arrive at the Temple of Sigmar for the royal prayer vigil the next day. He thanks us, begrudgingly, for bringing us this information and bids us to leave immediately. Eothlir is, understandably, frustrated by this and resolves to leave the city.

In parting, he put forth the theory that if the mask was used to imbue the clapper with power, and the mask corrupted those that wore it, the clapper would most likely corrupt those who heard it.

We discuss the situation and resolve to try and search as many bell towers as we can to try and find the clapper; as well as inspect the sewers for more powder. Starting with the Temple of Sigmar.




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