The Enemy Within

I'm Looking for Something ... Peculiar

11th of Nachgeheim

We make our way to the docks like we planned and Irinia chats up the highest ranked dock worker that we can find. She speaks with him for a short time and he doesn’t know if there’s a warehouse we could go to, at least not for the purpose of retrieving more ale. He only directs us to The Cat’s Cradle.

We make our way to The Cat’s Cradle. We find the shutters for an office slightly ajar. We use that to get inside. Casper picks open a chest in the room, finding a small sum of money. We leave the money and close up the chest again.

A patrol almost came upon us, but we were able to duck in the office to avoid them.

Edgar and Longshot look over the ledgers in the room, particularly the ledger detailing the deliveries of Pilsach Peculiar. It details the following deliveries from the last week:

  • The Dancing Dwarf 5 Kegs
  • Temple of Drama 30 Kegs
  • Mattheus II 10 Kegs
  • Holy Hammer of Sigmar 25 Kegs
  • One-Eyed Wolf 5 Kegs
  • Bruno’s Brewhouse 5 Kegs

Edgar also learns that the office belongs to Lievink Ulli, but little else.

Meanwhile, Irinia went inside to try and purchase a keg of Pilsach Peculiar. Apparently, they won’t sell any product while upper management isn’t present. She tries to seduce some of them into “acquiring” a barrel for her, but nothing comes of it. We “rescue” Irinia from her “admirers” and return to The Dancing Dwarf. Edgar and Ath share the watch for the night while everyone rests. Nothing eventful happens overnight.



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