The Enemy Within

More Traveling and Lighter Pockets

6th - 10th of Nachgeheim

The morning passes largely uneventfully. Casper is informed by the mysterious thief-woman that there is a black opal there in the inn. She will give him 2 gold if he can retrieve it for her.

Later that evening she approached Edgar asking him if he had the opal, when told that he didn’t, she left. Edgar tried to follow, but she seemingly disappeared when she exited the inn.

They leave the next morning and travel to the next coaching inn which doubles as a boat port along the river. We book passage for us, the bears, and the coach. That night, the thief approaches Ath asking if he knows anything about the black opal. He presses her for more information, the thief claiming that it’s a family heirloom, but ultimately Ath states he doesn’t have it.

That night Longshot is pickpocketed of a black pearl and a gold.

We board the ferry and travel 2 days without issue. After the river joins with the larger Talabecland river, we dock in Krankendorf; a small town whose walls have been broken and not yet mended. The ferry owners offer to pay for our lodging in the town’s inn, so that space is freed up for them to unload and load cargo from this port. We agree.

Game ends with us arriving at the inn.



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