The Enemy Within

Dreams of Explosions, A Letter From a Secret Admirer, Bar Hopping, and Calisthenics

12th of Nachgeheim

We awake in the morning and go downstairs to have breakfast, all except Irinia who remains in the room a while to cast prophecy magic. She sees a vision of the streets of Altdorf suddenly exploding.

She joins us, shares her “dream” with us. We’re then interrupted by the innkeep who gives us a letter that was left on the doorstep with Edgars name on it. He opens it to find a letter:


We drop by the Black Bat Tavern like the letter mentioned Grosz was staying, and talk with the innkeep there. Irinia learns that a man who fits the description of Grosz, who gave his name as Carl Meisl, had stayed there a few days before. He spent most of his time drinking with The Fish Gang. He also met with a man in black cloak and the innkeep hasn’t seen either of them in a few days.

Seeing as the nearby Holy Hammer of Sigmar received an especially large shipment, and is nearby, we decide to pay it a visit. Edgar directs Casper to sneak into their store room and check for barrels with the same red “x” as we saw on the keg we found.

We arrive and aren’t able to see who else might be there as it’s all private rooms, with shut doors. We purchase a room, Casper excuses himself to the outhouse, sets the outhouse on fire, and then draws the staff’s attention to it. This causes the staff in the main room outside, Casper spirits down into their cellar, and inspects the barrels. He’s caught after a few minutes, but is escorted out without any violence. We get our money back for our drinks not having been delivered and then leave.

We decided to retrieve the keg from our room and then go to The Temple of Sigmar to report the issue and ask for help.

While we were outside, Longshot spotted a man walking straight towards them, who also got nervous at making eye contact with Longshot. This man then immediately ducked into the nearest bar. Longshot & Ath went in while the rest of the party flanked the building.

Inside, they find the man sitting down with a flagon of ale. They confront him and he states that he thought Longshot looked like a dwarf archer he knows (not the most common armament for a dwarf), but obviously he was mistaken. They try to pry more information out of him, which is obviously distressing him, but all they really learn is that his name is [Harry [last_name]] and that he’s had a rough time of things lately. He wears fine clothes, but they are thoroughly soiled. He also details that he is fond of gambling, dice games in particular. Then the rest of the party comes in via the back door.

Ath & Edgar continue to interrogate the man a while and Edgar directs them to go upstairs to [Harry]’s room. Edgar asks him to wait a moment, and tries to coordinate with Ath to have him intimidate [Harry]. However, by the time they open the door again, he had fled out the window.

We return to our room to find that the keg of powder is now missing. We try to ask the innkeeper about it, but he and his staff state they do not know when or how it might have left. It’s too big to go out the window, so it must have gotten past them somehow. Edgar asks the innkeeper to keep an ear to the ground and find out if any of his staff might have been coerced, perhaps from gambling debts, into allowing the keg to be stolen.

Now that we have no keg to present, we decide to make our way to the nearest docks and hopefully find the ship that the elf mentioned in that morning’s letter describes.

While we’re there, we notice some Fish gang dock workers unloading cargo. Irinia tried to charm information out of them. One of them started to ask “if [she] was part of the thing?” Then, one of his compatriots elbows him for speaking out of turn. However, Irinia did charm him into meeting again at dusk when work is done for the day.

As we are leaving that group of workers, Casper spots Frederick Grosz walking along the docks. Casper approaches him, engages in some small talk, and they then part ways. Just as soon as he loses sight of Casper, he bolts. The entire party gives chase.

Grosz proves to be a very quick individual who is hard to follow, making rapid turns down narrow alleys, vaulting over obstacles, and even leaping from docks to boats and ultimately across a bay of docks. During the chase, Longshot took off one of his ears with an arrow.

In the end, only Casper and Ath were able to keep up. Grosz finally stops and turns to face them. He taunts them and then instructs nearby Fish to “get them.”




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