The Enemy Within

Searching, and a little vandalism, but for the greater good.

12th - 13th of Nachgeheim

Casper and longshot leave for the Temple of Sigmar as planned. As they arrive, they find that there is quite the crowd gathering in a fairly wide area around the temple. People hawk wares, drink, brawl, chastise the drinkers and brawlers, and many quietly pray for the emperor.

They find an entrance they want to go in through, but since it is guarded, they need to create a distraction. They throw not one, not even two, but three flaming cocktails between two locations. They’re able to enter the temple once both guards have left their posts.

Meanwhile, Ath, Irinia, and Edgar make their way to the Garden of Morr and drop off Grosz and Clothilde’s bodies. We then find the nearest stable we can find and are able to negotiate for a previous customer to give us their spot; at a steep cost. We then find an entrance to the sewers near the temple and enter.

Casper and Longshot move their way through the temple and up the tower they intend to inspect; at the top, they find three guards in full plate mail. They decide to spring a surprise attack on the three guards.

They manage to kill one and push a second down the stairs, then rush past the third and lock themselves in the bell tower. They inspect the bell and find that it has the magical clapper in it; along with a variety of chaos symbols inscribed on the inside of the bell. Longshot did recognize at least one symbol of Tzeentch.

The alarm was raised during the fight with the original guards, who had fired pistols, and they broke into the bell tower.

Casper and Longshot scaled down the outside of the tower and disappeared into the crowd.

The rest of the party searched the sewers underneath the Temple of Sigmar and under the castle. We find nothing of interest in the sewers.

We leave the sewers and make our way to the Temple of Sigmar. Along the way, we encounter Adele Ketzenblum. While it took some stern pursuading from Edgar, he managed to convinve Ath and (if by proxy somewhat) Irinia to not attack her in the crowded street. (Irinia was physically restrained for the interchange.) Edgar spoke with her for a little while.

While she did not deny her involvement with the cult of Slaanesh, she claims that she is ultimately faithful to a quest for tracking down the black cowl and killing him. We, guardedly, share info. Among the things she shares is two letters. One, originally intended to be delivered to Edgar, being a letter; and also a receipt. The letter is from Mauer, obviously sent shortly before his death, stating that:

“I don’t believe it is magical, I believe the emperor is being drugged. Who has access to see him?”

The receipt is for payment to Adolphus Junk, a bell smith, for an astronomical sum of 15 gold for his services of maintaining the bell. That’s an awful large sum, even for forging a brand new bell, much less performing basic maintenance on one.

Obviously very suspicious of her, Edgar couldn’t think of a good way to put any trust in her. She put forth that they should each agree on a person that they would investigate. Edgar stated that he would investigate the Emperor’s champion (as she stated that he does have some vices and she isn’t familiar with the Emperor’s attendant). We part very cautiously.

Ath, Irinia, and Edgar seek out Casper and Longshot in the crowd. It takes a while, but they do find them. Casper and Longshot inform the group they did find the bell we’re looking for. (If not everything else.)

Edgar immediately made his way to the back entrance they had snuck through, presented his evidence and badge, but was not allowed entry. They are instructed that the only way they’re getting in is through the front. They make their way around to the front just as false dawn is becoming evident and therefore the arrival of the city’s elite into the temple.

Longshot manages to catch the attention of Kaufman and his aid Weiss. Kaufman largely ignores him, but Weiss does come over to see what he wants. Longshot explains, but after conferring with Kaufman, they’ll insist on evidence before they take any action. Edgar was waved over, and he showed Weiss the receipt, but refused to hand it over for inspection by Kaufman. In turn, they ultimately abandoned the party and went inside.

In the meantime, Preceptor Brecht (essentially a captain of The Knights Griffin) came out front and then spoke with Edgar as requested by Edgar around the same time that Longshot first flagged down Kaufman. Edgar laid out everything he knew and all the evidence he had and the Preceptor ultimately agreed to let them enter and inspect the bell together. Additionally, he sent out one of his lieutenants to tell the other temples to not ring their bells before they are first inspected. (As recommended by Edgar.)

The entire party is ushered into the temple.




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