The Enemy Within

Cultist Dens & Kidnappings
33rd of Vorgheim

The sun rises and everyone spends a pensive morning considering why they are with this ragtag group of brash young fools.

We eat breakfast without incident and go to the tannery. They have our cloaks ready, add some chains so we can wear them as cloaks, and even split the biggest one so that Ath and Longshot can each have a cloak. (Longshot calls dibs on the head portion.)

We return to The Halfway House, in search of halfling weed and encounter what seems to be an abandoned Aschenbeck warehouse along the road. We inspect around it, attempt to pick the lock to the storm doors, but don’t gain entry that way. Ath instead, while trying to break just the lock, breaks the door itself and the lock. In the basement we find a room with luxurious velvet drapes along the walls, an altar in the middle, and leering masks along the walls. The altar has an 8-pointed star, with purple handprints and the symbol of Tzeentch worshippers.

Behind one curtain is a short hallway, which contains several chests. The closest contains an assortment of black and purple robes, the next contains candles, and the last has several books. One with the purple hand symbol on it, one with a chaos star on it, and one labeled “Log Book”. Irinia takes the log book.

We leave and return to the Castle Rock inn. A note is delivered to Edgar. It’s from a person named Brenner, claiming to be an investigator hired by Markheim whom further claims he has found astonishing evidence regarding Lord Aschenbeck. Brenner states they are staying at an inn called the Drakken.

Irinia and Edgar proceed upstairs to read the book, while Ath relaxes at a table at the inn, and Longshot and Casper go to the Drakken.

The log book details mundane business affairs of the Castle Rock Coaching Inn.

Casper was pickpocketed, severely.

Irinia, Casper, and Longshot arrive at the Drakken first to scout.

Along the way to the Drakken, Ath and Edgar encounter Ketzenblum leaving The Brown Owl. Edgar goes in, intimidates/bribes the bartender, and learns that Ketzenblum is renting a room there. He leaves a note detailing the original reason they were sent to speak with her. (In case the Ketzenblum we spoke with isn’t who she said she is.)

We continue onto The Drakken. Speak with the landlady, and she goes up to Brenner’s room to try and fetch him. A few moments later we hear a shrill scream. The room has been trashed, papers and such strewn everywhere. The symbol of Khorne is painted on the wall, in blue oddly enough. A dagger has been plunged and left into the shredded mattress. It shares the same symbol. Longshot finds a journal and takes it.

The landlady quickly summoned a squadron of city guard, all with the Aschenbeck crest on their uniforms. They instruct us to leave so they can investigate. We do so without argument or delay.

We go to the Collegium Theologica to speak with Prof. Oppenheimer.

Irinia remains with Oppenheimer to study his notes on the ritual, so that she can provide a summary of the ritual.

The rest of the party decides to go up to Nortgarden, minus Ath who went to the temple of Ulric.

Gregor Helstrom notices us as we enter The Graf’s Repose. After eating, Edgar goes and speaks with him. He learns that Gregor Helstrom is a retired Templar of Sigmar (WitchHunter) Edgar details why they were sent to the city. (Ask Ketzenblum about the cowl and purify the clapper.) Gregor finds the prospect of destroying a tainted artifact very intriguing. He provides a letter to Priest Frost (purportedly) encouraging him to cooperate. They discuss Adele together and how Gregor previously had much respect for her but, while he still holds her in esteem, she is definitely much changed since “the incident”.

Meanwhile, Ath is wandering about the area around the temple of Ulric waiting for the rest of the party to meet there as they’d said. He notices two cloaked figures carrying away a bound & hooded Prof. Oppenheim. He confronts them about it and Ath becomes hypnotized into believing that they are taking the Prof. to a surprise party. One of the two kidnappers provides his name as Lambertus. Ath manages to break out of it a bit and a fight ensues.

Ath and Lambertus are both wounded severely, but ultimately part without killing each other. The assailant takes extreme pleasure in the pain Ath caused him. Ath has no idea where exactly Oppenheim went and proceeds to the temple of Shallya to lick his wounds.

Gregor and Edgar continue to talk. We detail what happened with the Aschenbeck warehouse, and Casper fetched the log book we took, and we provide it to Gregor. Gregor writes a letter to his fellow templars to (assumedly) go there and investigate further. We also discuss the incident at The Drakken and the torn up room of Brenner. We also provide the journal which contains evidence against Aschenbeck. Gregor deems it hearsay until Brenner can be found and questioned directly. We part warmly and proceed to the Temple of Ulric.

There, we speak with Priest Frost and deliver the letter. He continues to be hesitant, as there are many other pilgrims that want to be cleansed and they are uneasy allowing Oppenheim to access The Sacred Flame. However, with Gregor’s encouragement he will take it under serious consideration. He instructs us to return in two days time. We ask about the whereabouts of Ath and while the lesser priest had seen him, must have left at least 30 – 45 minutes prior to our arrival.

We proceed to the Collegium, there we find the Profs. study open, the chains holding the box broken, the box, the Prof., and Irinia missing! The notes regarding the ritual remain on the table, they seem to be intact. Edgar takes them. There’s also a note on the table, in Irinia’s hand, that reads:

“Taken by Handsome – Help.



The First Game Notes (Part 2)
32nd of Vorgheim

We went to Professor Oppenheim’s office/study and found the door unlocked. The box was locked where we left it. The professor got so wrapped up in his work that he failed to lock the door. We went out of our way to make sure he locked the door.

Irinia suggests that we find the witchhunter and correct her on the absence of the box. Edgar finds this idea problematic as Ketzenblum is consistently hard to seek out.

Long shot failed to notice something.

We debated on what to do now. We’re going to hold off on talking to the priests of Ulric until after we’ve got our pelts back. Should we see Aschenbeck (owner of Castle Rock coaching imprisoned and awaiting trial for heresy)?

We should find out who accused Aschenbeck of heresy? What evidence is there? etc.

We decided to go The Drowned Rat (a local bar) to find out more. The bartender tells us that Aschenbeck used to be quite the partier in his younger days, about 20 years previous, but is very clean cut these days.

The bartender doesn’t like the Graf’s business manager, Markheim, because where most people frequent this bar to hire muscle, Markheim gets his elsewhere somehow.

We resolve to approach the business manager under two guises, one legitimate and one circumspect. To see and gauge how he reacts and/or which of us he hires.

Edgar and Ath are going to be team legit. We find out from the coaching inn manager that their residence is in Nortgarden. We went there but didn’t find anything. We got some basics from the temple of ulric, dropped into the Koch’s inn, eat lunch, and got exact directions to the residence. We felt watched inexplicably. We didn’t recognize anyone.

Meanwhile, team DL networked and tried to find out more about the trial, those involved, what evidence is out there, and where to find blackpowder. Irinia and Casper are too drunk for this.

The Aschenbeck estate is surprisingly modest. A large man with a spade shaped beard answers the door. Rodrick tells us that Markheim is not there. Edgar asks for more details and Rodrick tells him to piss off.

Edgar and Ath go to the temple of Verena across the street and talk with the old priestess. She doesn’t know much about the case, it’s being largely handled by the arbiter (Ketzenblum). She has always had good experiences with Aschenbeck, he’s polite, appropriately grateful, has called upon the temple to bless contracts, and otherwise conducts themselves as an upstanding citizen. His business affairs are largely handled by Markheim, whom she has had limited contact with (she never sees him in sermon).

Team con resolves to find Markheim and get him drunk. We run into each other outside the temple. We share how we’ve both found that basically everyone likes Aschenbeck.

We find our way to The Scholars. This bar and coaching inn is frequented by the professors and students of the collegium theologica. Casper and Irinia’s plan to get corrected by the scholars, and therefore learn pertinent info, falls through.

Irinia and Casper try to get into the Prospect. They are promptly thrown out.

We resolve to get back to the inn, keep everything quiet, and try a sober day tomorrow.

Objectives for tomorrow:
check with the tannery
if skins are ready, move forward on getting the cleansing ritual done.
speak with markheim
try to kill ketzenblum, discredit if not possible.

The First Game Notes
31st of Vorgheim

After meeting with the witchhunter we convene back at our room and discuss what happened. There was some talk of skipping town but ultimately we’re deciding to see things through.

Objectives for tomorrow:
Check at the university to see if the box has been stolen, like the witchhunter stated it had gone missing.

Figure out what we must do in order for the cult of Ulric to allow us to visit the eternal flame.


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